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Progression 4

Entire novel fully typeset, preflighted, packaged, tied up with a nice bow and sent away!! WOOHOO!!!!

Progression 3

Chapter 10 out of 14 fully typeset. 😀

Progression 2

Chapter 9 out of 14 fully typeset. 😀

Progression 1

Chapter 8 out of 14 fully typeset 😀

The Big 30

Well today is my birthday! I’m pretty sure I remember telling myself when I turned 30 I would have done something spectacular with my life. I suppose I could have done worse. 😀 I know I’m supposed to spend this day getting drunk (which will be done later), but for now I’m finishing typetting this novel.

I guess getting this finished would be pretty spectacular! 🙂

Website A Go Go!

Finally my website is up and running.

Mind you it’s only a simple page at the moment. It’s time to build the site now 🙂

Ever Closer

I guess I’ve neglected my blog for far too long. And it’s probably best I give it an update for I go on holiday.

Ok first off the bat is the typesetting issues I’ve been having. Last year I created the typeset pdf for Spirit’s Destiny in InDesign. It has been left until the chapters were all proof read, which of course they are now. The actual chapters were typed in Word and then copied and pasted into InDesign. Now InDesign keeps the formatting of the Word file, which is my biggest problem! While typing I’ve gotten into the habit of ‘not’ pressing the indent button when an indent was required. I’ve basically just given it three spaces. This has meant InDesign has simply recognised my indents as spaces, and thus just squished everything together.

So begins the long arduous task of putting line breaks in where required.

I’m up to Chapter 6 out of 14 so I should have this finished this week.

The book is weighing in at around 280 pages – a lot more than I thought it would be. It’s so exhilarating seeing the whole project come together.


On another note, I’ll have my domain name and beginnings of my website sorted this week. After much deliberation, and opinions of my friends,  I’ve decided not to do the site in Flash but create it in Dreamweaver. So now I have to learn how to use this package all over again! 😀

I’m also currently in debate with my business partner on how the book should be marketed. Should we concentrate on the local market, and then gradually expand the customer base outwards? Or should we hammer the online market with every feasible social networking tool available? I’m likely to agree with the latter 😀

On a final note my Bob Doyle ‘Wealth Beyond Reason’ course is going well. I’m enjoying seeing my ducks build up as I listen and read great words of wisdom from some of the masters in personal development.

Ok hopefully I’ll post again before the week is out with a fully typeset novel! It only took 7 years haha!