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The First Shmup Novel

Ok I’ll admit, my beloved Tapestry of Fates does have elements in it which pay a slight resemblance to a movie about a time-travelling robot sent to kill the mother of a certain John Conner. Whilst I see the similarities, I can honestly say The Terminator was not the main influence, nor was any movie for that matter.

As a youngster I was besotted with my beloved  Sega Megadrive; and it probably paved the road to my future imagination. Games like Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Landstalker, Splatterhouse 2 and many others have helped build the internal foundations of my mind.

One game particularly has stood out more than others. Already a huge fan of ‘shoot em ups’ or ‘shmups’, I remember being blown away by the game ‘Thunderforce IV’ (or ‘Lightening Force as it’s sometimes known). It’s cool slick graphics, blazing speed, mass of weapons, stupendously big bosses and fantastic music and sound effects so bassy that you could feel them at the back of your head all added to a game which still stands as legendary (I’m not a huge fan of more recent ‘bullet-hell’ shmups, although I adore Ikaruga).

One part of it though captured my imagination more than others. After an epic battle with the final boss, and the hero jets away in his battered craft, we are shown an epilogue that included an image of the pilot hugging his beloved. That single image managed to drive home a piece of humanity and emotion into the game, making you believe that after ten levels of sheer hell, the pilot was so grateful to be back. I wish the game makers – Technosoft had included some sort of storyline surrounding this couple, as it would have charged the game even more.

It’s this reason why Tapestry of Fates exists.

It is why a lone student girl becomes the only human being able to pilot a legendary fighter ship against an enemy who’s spent the past five thousand building up enough forces to decimate her.

It is why this ship sits on almost every piece of artwork I’ve made on the books.

I’ve tried to do what I wanted Technosoft to do – make a fully fledged story based around a single person sent against hordes and legions of enemies, and be expected to win.

Maybe I’m wrong but I think I can honestly say that Ella Bland is the first Shmup Novel Protagonist.


A homage to the above picture I did for uni can be viewed here.


Today I somehow got into a conversation about forgiveness, and at where we can humbly say, ‘you cannot forgive what they did’.

I remembered this clip from a documentary I saw a while back. The man on trial is Gary Ridgway, also known as The Green River killer. After being convicted of raping and killing 49 woman and confessing to double that, he was forced to sit in court whilst family members of the victims got to voice their opinion to him. Naturally most scorned and mocked him, and Ridgeway sat emotionless. Until this happens….

Hate, and anger towards people who have wronged us end up doing more harm to us than them. We can become wrapped up in venomous thoughts, causing us to forget the good things in life. Before you know it our very existance is tarnished by the bitter views and thoughts towards our so called enemies.

If this brave, courageous and inspirational man can forgive the killer who brutally slayed his daughter, then maybe we should redefine our terms of what is forgivable.

Life is too short.

Let things go, and be happy.


‘Today, I will tear the name of Dancescu from this world!’

The sixth part (Chapter 3) of my monthly gothic vampire tale is now uploaded and can be downloaded here.

Thanks for reading đŸ™‚

Fallen Tears Update

“Half 2” I solemnly announce when quizzed about what time I got to sleep by my friend each morning as I make my way to work.

Depsite my friend’s unnapproving sighs and the fact I get sleepy on my lunch break, I’ve a big reason to be needing to work so much at the moment. Not only is my fabulous girlfriend Wendy training her bawatty off for her competitions (well done on winning the last one a few days ago hun!) but I’m doing my best to market Sprit’s Destiny, help other people with their work, and keep on top of all other commitments.

I recently joined a website called ‘Authonomy’ owned by Harper Collins. Basically it’s a bit like Facebook for novelists where people can comment on each other’s work, offer advice and criticism, and rate their novels in the hope that their book will be pushed up high in order to get noticed by Harper Collins themselves.

Now since I’m unable to put Spirit’s Destiny on there (why would I put a book I’m selling on there for all to read to free?) I have stuck my monthly blog novel Fallen Tears on there. Despite simply being an experiment and an excersise, and acknologing some of the legendary work on Authonomy, I was quite surprised to find a number of folk giving it a thumbs up. So now I’m pushing a bit more energy behind this little tale. Who thought vampire novels were still in demand eh? Next chapter this weekend!

Also if you do decide to take a look on Authonomy I recommend reading a book called Chaeli: Scion of Blood by Kara Thrace. It’s a great epic fantasy that will surely take the talented writer on her way to stardom. đŸ™‚