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Back On Track


My amended Chapter has come back from the proof reader with a ‘thumbs-up’!

Now all I need to do is sort out the book spine, inside covers and then typset it all in InDesign. Thankfully I’ve done most of the InDesign work. All that I really need to do is drop all the amended stuff.

Finally, the end is in sight! I just have to make sure I don’t drop the ball now! πŸ˜€

Right in time for my holiday! πŸ˜€


Chapter 2 of the first novel.

Meetings with the Proofreader

So on Saturday I had my first meeting with my proofreader – a lovely women called Christine who also teaches English to adults.

During the days leading up to our meeting she was saying how impressed she was with the tale, and was very surprised she was enjoying it (not being a sci-fi fan in the slightest). All that needed correcting were a few minor grammatical errors.Β  Obviously this sent my spirits soaring!

However on Saturday she told me that one of my Chapters – Chapter 13 disappointed her greatly, to the point where she said it would put her buying the second and third books! Yikes!

Now it should be said that Chapter 13 is my ‘backstory’ chapter, where the majority of the history is explained. And of course, being a story that involved a few time-travel ingredients, a little complication is to be expected. I thought at the time of writing that all should be done to introduce these elements gradually and clearly.

My clear writing, was not that clear it would seem.

Christine said it was far too complicated, confusing, and frankly very hard to follow. She did say however she had a hard time following the film ‘Sliding Doors’ so this could just be down to her. But I feel if I’ve any chance of making this a success I will have to write it in a way that anyone can understand it, not just sci-fi fans.

So here I am, back to the drawing board, slaving over my ‘unlucky’ Chapter 13. Maybe I will write out two versions of it and give it to a few people to garner their opinion.

Also she said illustrating might be a bad idea as she wanted to see the things in her head, not in a picture. I’m still not sure I agree. Japanese comics have a massive following. If I can seep myself into that market, then surely that’s a good thing.

Tenerife Decapitation

This is horrific.

My thoughts go out to that poor woman’s family.

I haven’t told my girlfriend yet as we go out there on holiday at the end of June. Quite close by too. 😦

Typing Like a Pro

I love my bookmarks bar at the top of my Firefox Browser. It’s packed full of all the little icons representing the websites I love and use the most, tastefully overlaying a theme of a draping model (Keeley Hazell).

There is however, one icon that niggles at me yet I seem to ignore it on a daily basis.Β  It’s for a free online typing tutorialΒ – designed to help you type ‘correctly’.

Now I’ve become close to having my first novel published I’ve felt my index finger typing is a little bit amateurish in the writing world. I want my hand to remain still whils my fingers gracefully dance over the keys, blasting out words like a super fast techno track πŸ˜€

But is this really neccesary? Does a writer really need to type properly? Or should we be able to do it as we feel best? I’m quite a fast typer, which makes me think I perhaps shouldn’t hinder myself learning a new method. My writing doesn’t follow the ‘correct’ method. I’m left handed, don’t join my letters, and basically scrawl my words across the page.

Oh sod it, I’m gonna have a go! I’ll start the first exercise today and keep updated on how things progress πŸ˜€

3 FREE Chapters

To garner some interest in my novel I’ve decided to post the first 3 chapters of my novel Tapestry of Fates: Spirit’s Destiny which can be seen at the top.

Please excuse the formatting issues I had. The final product is of a much higher quality πŸ™‚

Enjoy. πŸ˜€

Back Cover

The Old Rule – Sex Sells!

We’ve all heard the saying sex sells, but today I saw first hand that the rule is true. is a wonderful website for showcasing all kinds of artwork and photography, and artists get the opportunity to gain critique on their work in hope of bettering and strengthening their craft. Yet on this site, some images – classed as ‘Artistic Nude’ can border on absolute pornography. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude. Those who know me know my vocal appreciation of the female form. πŸ˜€ But sometimes a full on quick poloroid of female (or sometimes male) genetalia can receive more attention and praise than a beautiful painted landscape that’s taken many hours to create.

A friend on DeviantArt who noticed this decided to do an experiment. Noticing certain camera phone tit snaps were getting more views than her own carefully composed photographs, she wanted to test the theory, indeed taking a picture of herself topless (not a crude image but a genuine artistic portrait.) . True to her theory, the views began pouring in. Now does this mean the site is stacked full of young teenage lads, hopeful in seeing naked flesh? Or does it prove on a whole, the human race has a deep seated primalistic lust to see riskier pictures rather than tamer ones?

If this is the case, then why is pornography still viewed as taboo? Why isn’t the world more open towards it.

I’ll admit, the women in my illustrations have a fuller bust and shorter clothing, but I am appealing to a certain audience who appear to prefer cartoon and manga women looking as such.

In the past also, I’ve done a few posters for friend who was hosting a charity football match. For the first year it consisted mainly of a picture of a football pitch, but in the following years I put a woman on, wearing a referee’s uniform and stood in a suggestive pose. And look what happened – a hell of a lot more people turned up to that one! Men will instinctively look towards a picture of a woman sticking her chest out, than a patch of grass.

Maybe one day the world will loosen up, take note of this, and advertise everything sexually!

The Catholic church should really start to change their policies πŸ˜€

My Rock

This post is just a little dedication to my wonderful girlfriend Wendy whom makes me smile every second of every day. After two years of being together, we’ve yet to fall out over anything, and even though people say that arguing is healthy in a relationship we have nothing to argue about.

She’s unconditionally supportive in my work and in return I support her in her endeavours to become World Champion in her her hairstyling competitions.

When we first got together she had just walked away with Silver in the European Championships, seeing off dozens of other countries (see pics below) and I was amazed how much drive and passion this modest and down-to-earth girl had. She’s inspired me to work harder in my own goals and accomplish my dreams.

Thanks for being in my life babe! Love you! πŸ™‚ x

Wendy's winning style. I think it's Ladies Technical - Hair by Night

Stepping on to second place, with her little Union Jack.

Sword of Damocles

A few years ago i was told that on the my mother’s side, around a hundred years or so ago our family was a joint owner of a well established, high-class jewellers in London. It would have been called ‘Something and Dunthorne’. And because of this the family was quite rich. Unfortunately one family member decided to play a risky poker game and lost the entire share of the business and in effect removing the family name from the title.

I’ve thought about this often and wonder what my life would have been like if he hadn’t have played that foolish game. Would i be writing a completely different blog? Or would I have always been fated to be in the situation where i am now?

This brings me to a great quote from the movie ‘American History X’ in which Edward Norton – a neo-nazi filled with racial hatred and anger, ends up going to prison for the murder of two black men. He instantly mingles in with the group of like minded ‘white-power’ extremists, but is soon turned upon by them, shattering his beliefs and is forced to turn to his old teacher for help, who ironically is a stoic and strong black man. He asks Norton ‘Has anything you’ve ever done made your life better?’ Β This in turn causes Norton to break down in despair and plead for the teacher’s help. It’s a truly powerful scene, and one that has lasted with me since I saw it.

Now, that card game obviously did nothing to help my family member’s life. In fact, it made it much much worse. This probably explains my lack of fondness for gambling.

I now try to make sure every second of my life counts towards making it better, whether that be in relationships, social circles, career or money. I imagine a sword, always hovering way above my head. A bit like the Sword of Damocles, only not hanging a horse hair, but just hovering. If I catch myself wasting time, dawdling, or just being lazy, I imagine that the sword begins to raise slowly, climbing to a height as if it was a guillotine, ultimately dropping if too much time was wasted.

Since using this thought I’ve noticed I seem to get more done than I ever did before. I just hope I can carry these thought on, especially if I ever get offered to play a game of poker.

Chapter 11 image:

Spirit's Destiny - Chapter 11

Spirit's Destiny - Chapter 11

For anyone interested in Personal Development

As a massive follower of personal development, positive thinking, and the law of attraction make sure you check out Simona Rich’s website

She may only be young but she certainly knows her stuff. Her website is packed full of articles and posts with tips and affirmations to improve your life. πŸ™‚

Also check out Bob Proctor, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra for some fantastic life coaching πŸ™‚