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Book of Goals

After watching the film ‘The Opus’ (a very similar movie to The Secret) I decided I wanted a small notebook I could keep with me at all times that I could write some life’s goals in.

Problem was that the only ones I could find in shops were quite bland and boring. I wanted something a little bit special, a notebook I would want to keep safe and hold on to for years to come.

Then I found this website:

And after a couple of emails to the very friendly owners requesting it to be personalised, here’s what I was sent.

The picture doesn't do it justice.

This awesome little book (A7) is handmade and smells wonderfully of leather.

Thanks to the owners of Earth Works Journals for this stunning product. I recommend them if you’re looking for something similar, and I shall be ordering more in the future. πŸ™‚

Now to fill this book with my dodgy, child-like handwriting. πŸ™‚

Fallen Tears Novel Update

Still penning the character list for my online novel. Unlike Tapestry of Fates I’ve done the same as I did with Last Battle and write out an exhaustive list of the characters. There’s quite a large roster of people in this (plenty of vampire fodder) with very few characters based on people I know πŸ˜€

Here’s one of the evil characters that is a little bit inspired by Kirsten Dunst in Interview with a Vampire.

I’ve named this 8 year old vamp Voracity after the amount of blood and humans (and even fellow vamps and demons) she gorges on.

I could’ve spent a bit more time on this photomanip but I’ve got to get back to work πŸ˜€

The adolescent evil vampire Voracity

Ribby Hall Jets Win

Congrats to the Ribby Hall Jets who won their 1st (cup) game of the season against the Ribble Valley Knights 105-55!

Follow them atΒ

Book Corrections

Ok, having gone through the proof book, I can say I’m honestly proud I managed to create the whole thing without any outside help (apart from Youtube tutorials).

However, certain elements were overlooked. The ‘guttering’ being one of them.

The text appears to be too close to the spine so I need to increse this space. This is going to drive up the page count, so in turn the spine image will need amending.

Phew, I guess it’s all part of the learning process! πŸ˜€

Slowly but surely getting there πŸ™‚


The First Published Book Arrives

Just got these pics off Bev!

Finally! The proof book has arrived! πŸ˜€

It’s not everyday you accomplish a dream!!




Fallen Tears – Blurb

The Blurb (the bit at the back of a book that tells you a little about the story) to my new monthly novel.

This is pretty much all I have to go off the tale so it’ll be interesting for me as well to see how it develops.

When the parents of the young Dancescu twins are brutally murdered by their demonic uncle, they are quickly hurried away to safety, leaving their beautiful country of Tranvaal to be plunged into the deepest recesses of Hell; a land so twisted and blackened that no sunlight or colour can penetrate.

As vicious demons and monstrous vampires roam the countryside, the people of Tranvaal are left in utter despair, fearful of their new ruler and the powerful grip of terror he has over them.

But years later, when any glimmer of hope has been violently torn from the world, two lone figures suddenly appear from the shadows.

The Dancescu twins have returned; fueled with hearts of pure vengeance, and possessing infernal powers. Striding through the lands and slaughtering everything the fires of hell can unleash upon them, they fix their sights on the abode of their nefarious uncle.

Yet as they close in on the source of the vampiric reign, they must resist their own inherited blood-lust if they are to have any chance of destroying this plague of evil and defeating the traitor that destroyed their lives.

New Monthly Novel – Fallen Tears

I’ve noticed recently with all the work I’ve done trying to illustrate and market Book 1 of Tapestry of Fates I’ve had little time to do what I set out to do – write!

I’ve toyed for a while now to do a story for this blog, uploading a new chapter free every month without illustrations, which will serve as a welcome temporary distraction from my other unavoidable workload.

After debating which tale I’d like to do, I’ve decided on the vampiric story I’ve had on the back burner for well over thriteen years (I still have a really old sketch somewhere when it was called Dark Destinies). I think the demand for vampire based literature is still pretty high, although this tale will not be a teenage love story (love elements will be in there though). Another deciding factor for this is the fact my sister recently gave birth to twin boy and girl – the main characters are twin brother and sister, so they will be renamed fittingly.

I know this will please my good friend Laura who keeps requesting I pen this novel. πŸ˜€

Also I’m heading to Transylvania this November so I may get some inspiration. hehe!

I will write the blurb on my lunch and upload.

Book 2 Progress

Now I’m definitely fighting against the tide here. Trying to get the website up and running with all of the illustrations created, whilst also juggling the rewrite of Book 2 – Spirit’s Pain, completing the cover of it (part of which is below), do all the illustrations for it, start work on the next children’s book – The Starmites (Bev will kill for me announcing that name) and hold down a full time job.

There’s hardly enough time to have a beer with friends – but somehow I manage it πŸ˜€

Can somebody please invent a few more hours to the day? It would be sooooo appreciated!

Ella's ship from Spirit's Pain

More Website Artwork

Here’s some more illustrations for the Characters section of my website.





Callum & Darcie

Here is my newborn nephew Callum x

And my newborn niece Darcie x

Congrats once again to my sister Kelly and her boyfriend Mark πŸ™‚