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Feckday and Sour Apples

Stories, illustrations, presentations, animations, marketing, meetings, blogs, and reviews – my days and evenings are a non-stop, relentless feast of work. Fitting in statuses, tweets, brews and the odd JD and coke, is becoming increasingly harder and harder. I don’t mind the work of course; I love knowing that I’m doing all I can to get closer to my goals. But sometimes it all feels a tiny bit muddled and unorganised. So I’ve set up a timetable of what I need to do on what evening and lunchtime, freeing up more time (especially alongside a Pomodora timer!)

I’ve also invented a new day to catch up on certain projects. It shall be called Feckday, as in ‘Feck it!’ I would call it F***day but that brings up all sorts on connotations and wouldn’t go down well in schools. It will come straight after Sunday. I’ve already dispatched several calenders with Feckday on to the government. I except a ‘thumbs up’ from the PM any day now.

Also, with all this work, I’ve come to accept my ten year old Apple Mac is now obsolete. It refuses to run any newer program such as After Effects and has now become just a big blocky ipod. So I’ve ordered a newer super fast customised pc. Sorry Apple, but you have annoyed me one too many times. If it’s not the fact my mini Apple speakers have a different jack to all others, meaning they will only work on a mac, or that they rename existing technology and imply to the world they created it (as in video calling becoming FaceTime), but now I’ve only just dicovered that all my hundreds and hundreds of tracks purchased on iTunes will not play on anything but an Apple product, meaning I will have to buy another ipod or face burning all my tracks to disc and reimporting them. Sorry but after spending a fortune on music I refuse to buy a ton of disks too.

Sorry Apple, you’ve lost a customer.

‘Their souls drip with the blood of gods!’ Voracity cried. ‘I must have it!’

Finally got the second chapter (5th installment) of my free novel Fallen Tears uploaded.

At last the main protagonists meet the antagonists for the first time, including the ravenous child Voracity.

The chapter can be downloaded here.


Thanks for reading 🙂

Recent Developments

They always say you should take the rough with the smooth, look on the bright side of every situation, and search for the silver lining upon each stormy cloud.

I guess 2012 hasn’t started the way I had hoped, and I find myself once again travelling to the leafy, tree laden crematorium of Lawnswood in Leeds this week to say goodbye to yet another family member.

Whilst these are sad times for my family, and my thoughts are with them all, my own endeavours seem to going in the opposite way.

Firstly I’ll repeat my other posts that the first book of Tapestry of Fates – Spirit’s Destiny has gone on sale. Only the kindle version mind; the physical copies will on sale soon.

Here’s the link.

Also the first unbiased review of the book was put online by  Thankfully I can now see I’m not wasting my time or fooling myself with this writing game. Thanks for Antony for the review.

Lastly the Tapestry of Fates website is up and running. A few more tweaks are needed and the site needs updating for when the physical book is released. Here’s the website.

So whilst things are a bit glum this week, and I’ll be putting all my energy towards helping my family, at least I can feel some kind of relief that a few things are sorted on the writing front and can be left for a short while.

On saying this I’ll still have the second chapter of Fallen Tears uploaded this week.