Mutterings and utterings of a budding novelist

Typing Like a Pro

I love my bookmarks bar at the top of my Firefox Browser. It’s packed full of all the little icons representing the websites I love and use the most, tastefully overlaying a theme of a draping model (Keeley Hazell).

There is however, one icon that niggles at me yet I seem to ignore it on a daily basis.  It’s for a free online typing tutorial – designed to help you type ‘correctly’.

Now I’ve become close to having my first novel published I’ve felt my index finger typing is a little bit amateurish in the writing world. I want my hand to remain still whils my fingers gracefully dance over the keys, blasting out words like a super fast techno track 😀

But is this really neccesary? Does a writer really need to type properly? Or should we be able to do it as we feel best? I’m quite a fast typer, which makes me think I perhaps shouldn’t hinder myself learning a new method. My writing doesn’t follow the ‘correct’ method. I’m left handed, don’t join my letters, and basically scrawl my words across the page.

Oh sod it, I’m gonna have a go! I’ll start the first exercise today and keep updated on how things progress 😀

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