Mutterings and utterings of a budding novelist

Meetings with the Proofreader

So on Saturday I had my first meeting with my proofreader – a lovely women called Christine who also teaches English to adults.

During the days leading up to our meeting she was saying how impressed she was with the tale, and was very surprised she was enjoying it (not being a sci-fi fan in the slightest). All that needed correcting were a few minor grammatical errors.  Obviously this sent my spirits soaring!

However on Saturday she told me that one of my Chapters – Chapter 13 disappointed her greatly, to the point where she said it would put her buying the second and third books! Yikes!

Now it should be said that Chapter 13 is my ‘backstory’ chapter, where the majority of the history is explained. And of course, being a story that involved a few time-travel ingredients, a little complication is to be expected. I thought at the time of writing that all should be done to introduce these elements gradually and clearly.

My clear writing, was not that clear it would seem.

Christine said it was far too complicated, confusing, and frankly very hard to follow. She did say however she had a hard time following the film ‘Sliding Doors’ so this could just be down to her. But I feel if I’ve any chance of making this a success I will have to write it in a way that anyone can understand it, not just sci-fi fans.

So here I am, back to the drawing board, slaving over my ‘unlucky’ Chapter 13. Maybe I will write out two versions of it and give it to a few people to garner their opinion.

Also she said illustrating might be a bad idea as she wanted to see the things in her head, not in a picture. I’m still not sure I agree. Japanese comics have a massive following. If I can seep myself into that market, then surely that’s a good thing.

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