Mutterings and utterings of a budding novelist


As a big believer in personal development, law of attraction, reapng what you sow etc, I’ve heard countless stories of successful people facing all manner of obstacles before they attained their ‘glory’.

Now I’ve encountered numerous obstacles along the way in getting this novel sorted. Some are learning curves like getting to grips with software like InDesign. Others are downright ridiculous like arguing with printers in China about shipping to Liverpool instead of Felixstowe.

Now because I’ve heard all these hurdle stories, does this mean I’ve attracted the same situations into my life? After all, if all these successful folk needed bumps in the road, then surely I do!

Either way, I’m grateful for my determination to soldier on through and put the dedication in where it is needed. I rarely blow my own trumpet but for someone who was once told ‘you can’t draw, you can’t paint, and you have no imagination.’ I’m mega proud of myself being able to fully write, illustrate and typeset an entire 280 page novel!

Big cheesy smiles all round! 😀

Right, back to the battlefield!

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