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The Secret Service

I love it when people accomplish their dreams, even more so when it’s somebody I know.

So when one of my friends announced she was setting up her own business I was so happy for her, especially since she had found a fantastic little hole in the market (as far as I know).

Here is what her website says:

So… Imagine your calendar… Now imagine your calendar does everything for you. You will have your very own Secret Service Agent who will remind you of your events, organises your occasion, finds your gifts, present wrapping, delivery, table booking, arranges tickets and much more including our very own secrets.

From being a guest at a wedding, date night, arranging your loved ones birthday, valentine, Christmas, you name it we are at your service. Each event is tailor made to your specific requirements no matter how big or how small. So that’s no stress, no parking, no wrapping, no searching, no delivery, no organising and the secret all at a low cost!!

What’s the secret?

It’s date night, and you’re going for a meal… How about inviting your loved one in a different way? Have drinks ready for your arrival? A special song playing? A message in a fortune cookie? A favourite flower delivered? oh the list is endless to make your event as special as possible and…It’s a secret.  None of  our products have our own  branding,  we leave no trace, so you can take all the credit!

All you need to do is email us your event or your calendar and we do the rest!

To see what the Secret Service can offer, go to
(at present only Blackpool area of England is being served but they are hoping to expand soon)

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