Mutterings and utterings of a budding novelist

New Monthly Novel – Fallen Tears

I’ve noticed recently with all the work I’ve done trying to illustrate and market Book 1 of Tapestry of Fates I’ve had little time to do what I set out to do – write!

I’ve toyed for a while now to do a story for this blog, uploading a new chapter free every month without illustrations, which will serve as a welcome temporary distraction from my other unavoidable workload.

After debating which tale I’d like to do, I’ve decided on the vampiric story I’ve had on the back burner for well over thriteen years (I still have a really old sketch somewhere when it was called Dark Destinies). I think the demand for vampire based literature is still pretty high, although this tale will not be a teenage love story (love elements will be in there though). Another deciding factor for this is the fact my sister recently gave birth to twin boy and girl – the main characters are twin brother and sister, so they will be renamed fittingly.

I know this will please my good friend Laura who keeps requesting I pen this novel. 😀

Also I’m heading to Transylvania this November so I may get some inspiration. hehe!

I will write the blurb on my lunch and upload.

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