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Today I somehow got into a conversation about forgiveness, and at where we can humbly say, ‘you cannot forgive what they did’.

I remembered this clip from a documentary I saw a while back. The man on trial is Gary Ridgway, also known as The Green River killer. After being convicted of raping and killing 49 woman and confessing to double that, he was forced to sit in court whilst family members of the victims got to voice their opinion to him. Naturally most scorned and mocked him, and Ridgeway sat emotionless. Until this happens….

Hate, and anger towards people who have wronged us end up doing more harm to us than them. We can become wrapped up in venomous thoughts, causing us to forget the good things in life. Before you know it our very existance is tarnished by the bitter views and thoughts towards our so called enemies.

If this brave, courageous and inspirational man can forgive the killer who brutally slayed his daughter, then maybe we should redefine our terms of what is forgivable.

Life is too short.

Let things go, and be happy.


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