Mutterings and utterings of a budding novelist

Finding Time

Ok since I’ve started this I better had post something!

When I get a chance this weekend I’ll write up a bit more about what I hope to gain from this blog. I guess should also put a little bit about myself. If you haven’t guessed, my name’s Ken. The username kennydreadful came from a friend of mine who after suggesting we try collaborate on a book of Victorian style horror stories (Penny Dreadfuls) my submissions should be called Kenny Dreadfuls.

I was born in Leeds, moved to Lytham St. Annes at 11, studied Graphic Design, Art, and Animation at college and uni, and then went on to work as a graphic designer at an advertising company where I still work today.

At some point during my further education I decided I would rather write for a living, be it through screenplays or novels, rather than be an animator. The study of art helped to illustrate what ever I was writing and even though I’m not the most gifted artist, illustrating your own novel, rather than get somebody else to do it, is a double whammy of pride.

This is the offending item taking over my life at the moment.

Needs editing though 🙂

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