Mutterings and utterings of a budding novelist


Normally my weekends consist of a quick tidy about the flat, a few brews, a quick chat with my mum and sis, and maybe a cheap night out.

Also, because Wendy works Saturdays I’m usually doing overtime or working towards the novelist career.

This weekend however me and Wendy went to Edinburgh, and although I’ve been numerous times, my better half has never been – despite her being Scottish herself. Now although I adore the city; especially it’s gothic look, Wendy said the place felt really sad. I do agree on this, Edinburgh has had a horrific, bloody past (probably why I love it so much!) and seems to emanate a lot of pain and and melancholy – especially around the old town. She dis say she liked it though, but wouldn’t live there.

Shame as I always said it would be one of the places I would like to eventually relocate to. Oh well, that only leaves Miami 😀

Edinburgh Castle

Me and Wendy at Edinburgh Castle

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