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The Old Rule – Sex Sells!

We’ve all heard the saying sex sells, but today I saw first hand that the rule is true. is a wonderful website for showcasing all kinds of artwork and photography, and artists get the opportunity to gain critique on their work in hope of bettering and strengthening their craft. Yet on this site, some images – classed as ‘Artistic Nude’ can border on absolute pornography. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude. Those who know me know my vocal appreciation of the female form. 😀 But sometimes a full on quick poloroid of female (or sometimes male) genetalia can receive more attention and praise than a beautiful painted landscape that’s taken many hours to create.

A friend on DeviantArt who noticed this decided to do an experiment. Noticing certain camera phone tit snaps were getting more views than her own carefully composed photographs, she wanted to test the theory, indeed taking a picture of herself topless (not a crude image but a genuine artistic portrait.) . True to her theory, the views began pouring in. Now does this mean the site is stacked full of young teenage lads, hopeful in seeing naked flesh? Or does it prove on a whole, the human race has a deep seated primalistic lust to see riskier pictures rather than tamer ones?

If this is the case, then why is pornography still viewed as taboo? Why isn’t the world more open towards it.

I’ll admit, the women in my illustrations have a fuller bust and shorter clothing, but I am appealing to a certain audience who appear to prefer cartoon and manga women looking as such.

In the past also, I’ve done a few posters for friend who was hosting a charity football match. For the first year it consisted mainly of a picture of a football pitch, but in the following years I put a woman on, wearing a referee’s uniform and stood in a suggestive pose. And look what happened – a hell of a lot more people turned up to that one! Men will instinctively look towards a picture of a woman sticking her chest out, than a patch of grass.

Maybe one day the world will loosen up, take note of this, and advertise everything sexually!

The Catholic church should really start to change their policies 😀

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