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My Rock

This post is just a little dedication to my wonderful girlfriend Wendy whom makes me smile every second of every day. After two years of being together, we’ve yet to fall out over anything, and even though people say that arguing is healthy in a relationship we have nothing to argue about.

She’s unconditionally supportive in my work and in return I support her in her endeavours to become World Champion in her her hairstyling competitions.

When we first got together she had just walked away with Silver in the European Championships, seeing off dozens of other countries (see pics below) and I was amazed how much drive and passion this modest and down-to-earth girl had. She’s inspired me to work harder in my own goals and accomplish my dreams.

Thanks for being in my life babe! Love you! 🙂 x

Wendy's winning style. I think it's Ladies Technical - Hair by Night

Stepping on to second place, with her little Union Jack.


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